past clients


  • Norman Jay
  • Eskmo
  • Swayzak
  • Crazy P
  • DJ Harvey
  • Afrika Bambaata
  • Metro Area
  • Nicola Conte
  • Lisa Shaw
  • Chicken Lips
  • The Idjut Boys
  • Luke Solomon
  • Pepe Bradock
  • Jori Hulkkonnen
  • Rob Mello
  • Andy Caldwell
  • Trentemoller
  • Hakan Lidbo
  • Malente
  • Ursula 1000
  • Nickodemus
  • Fort Knox Five
  • MiM0SA
  • Fred Everything
  • JT Donaldson
  • Lance De Sardi
  • Jask, Julius Papp
  • Scott Hendy
  • James Curd
  • BOCA 45
  • Alexi Delano aka ADNY
  • Jesper Dahlback
  • Alex Kidd
  • Welder

Record Labels

  • Astralwerks
  • Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
  • Naked Music, Om Records
  • Virgin
  • EMI
  • Jive Electro
  • Paper Recordings
  • PIAS
  • Finger Lickin' Records
  • Svek
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Hed Kandi

About Music2 management

MUSIC2 Management is an artist management agency, with more than a decade of proven experience on an international scale, managing world-class musical talent.
The company handles all 360 degrees of an artist's career securing deals with record labels, publishers, distributors, brand marketing companies, music supervisors and advertising agencies worldwide.

We aim to look after independent artists, making licensing and publishing decisions and implementation simple, satisfying. and ultimately financially rewarding.

MUSIC2 works closely with everyone - from the major worldwide record companies to the leading indie labels and artists in many territories and has strong licensing links to advertising giants such as J Walter Thompson and to international brands such as Starwood and Banana Republic as well as boutique brands Oliver Peoples and Gunnar Optiks.

Our ultimate goal is "To provide independent artists with solid support and sound advice. We endeavor to help our clients define as well as achieve their goals and ambitions through an informed, committed and personalized approach."

For more information, please contact Caroline Hoste.


Established in 1999 as an international booking agency, MUSIC2 was swift to extend it's influence across North America before spreading it's wings globally. From the Americas to Australia and Asia via Europe, the company has encompassed some of dance music's biggest talent and toured them globally.

The arrival of the new millennia saw the company open more doors and invest its experience into artist management. By 2005, MUSIC2 had offices spanning the width of Canada, from British Columbia to Quebec and was managing Salted Music, the label of old friend and long time collaborator, Miguel Migs.

2008 has seen the closing of one chapter in the company's history as we said goodbye to the booking agency in order to concentrate solely on artist management, allowing us to focus more clearly on our ultimate goals.

For more information, please contact Caroline Hoste.